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Vibratory Bin Discharger
Series 902

Kraus Vibratory Bin Discharger Series 902

Gyratory motion for more effective discharging of stored material

The Kraus Vibratory Bin Discharger is designed to greatly improve the gravity discharging process of difficult-to-handle dry bulk solids which tend to bridge or rat hole in storage silos, bins and/or hoppers.

The primary feature of the Kraus Vibratory Bin Discharger is that it imparts a gyratory motion for a better activation of the stored material. In addition, the suspension mountings are designed to allow optimum gyratory motion without restriction in any axis, creating a better and more efficient transfer of energy from the activation dome to the stored materials. As an added benefit, when the gyratory motion is combined with the unique trough design, a larger material volume is activated and the result is more effective discharging without locking up.

The Kraus Vibratory Bin Discharger is ideal for almost any stored dry bulk granular material, from very fine to very course. Ask for a test to determine just how effective the Kraus Vibratory Bin Discharger can be on your difficult material.

Engineering Specifications

Standard: 230/460 volt totally enclosed non-ventilated

Optional:  Explosion proof Class 1 group D
                  Class 2 group F & G
                  Special Voltages

Outlet sizes
Based upon flow rate or custom requirements

Standard: Gray Enamel (external & internal)
Custom:   Available upon request

Material of Construction
Standard: Mild Steel
Custom:   304 or 316 Stainless Steel

Flexible Sleeves
Black or white reinforced EPDM
Reinforced white silicone
Reinforced nylon

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